Delegate Fee

All participants are required to register online or on-site. You must register to make a presentation. The registration fee for pre-registered delegates includes:

  • Attendance to all scientific sessions and entry to the exhibition halls
  • Delegate bag and meeting materials
  • Conference Dinner, Reception, and laboratory tours
  • Drink and refreshments during breaks
  • Complementary bus service between the airport and venues

† ... Shuttle bus service between venues and hotels are available only for delegates who reserve hotels through this conference website.

[In Japanese Yen]
Currency Converter
(upto April 10, 2014)1
(April 11 - May 29, 2014)1
(on-site only)
Member Rates
Academic/Government/Non-profit 45,000 55,000 65,000
Industrial/Corporate 65,000 65,000 75,000
Student3 30,000 40,000 50,000
Non-member Rates2
Academic/Government/Non-profit 55,000 65,000 75,000
Industrial/Corporate 75,000 75,000 85,000
Student3 35,000 45,000 55,000
Accompanying Person 20,000 20,000 20,000
  1. Deadline hour for the Early and Regular Registration Fee is 15:00 (Japan Time) of respective dates. Deadline hour for the Late Registration is 10:00 am (Japan Time). On-line payment or bank transfer must be completed to qualify for each rate.
  2. Non-member rates include the membership fee to the Metabolomics Society until the end of 2014. Participants will automatically obtain member benefits. You can pay the membership fee at the Society website but the total price and benefit do not change.
  3. If registering as a student, you must send the conference organizers a letter from your supervisor on university letterhead confirming your student status. Letters can be sent by email/fax to:
Metabolomics 2014 Registration Office
Email: metabolomics2014-reg @ issjp.com

Accompanying Persons

Delegates can specify their family members as accompanying persons at the time of registration. The registration rate for accompanying persons is 20,000 yen. Accompanying persons are not allowed to enter scientific sessions (including luncheon seminars and workshops). No delegate bag or materials are provided either, but receive all the other services (including Reception and Dinner).

One-day Participation

A single day pass is available on site for 20,000 yen / day regardless of the status. The pass is valid for scientific sessions (including luncheon seminars and workshops) and exhibitions but NOT for Conference dinner, Reception, laboratory tours, shuttle buses, meeting bag, or Society membership. The proceedings will be provided.

Payment Methods

After registering through this website, all payments must be made in Japanese yen by credit card or by bank transfer.

Credit Card

Payments are accepted only by VISA or Master Card. Payment will be made in a single lump-sum.

Bank Transfer

Payment detail is as below:

Branch Name:    AKASAKA BRANCH
Branch Number:  825
Account Number: 9039045
Account Type:   Ordinary (Savings) Account
Account Name:   ISS, INC. Metabolomics 2014
Swift Code:     SMBC JP JT

Registrants are responsible for all bank transfer charges. Please input the 4-digit Login ID when you are making the transfer.

Confirmation, Receipt

Pre-Confirmation e-mail with the registration details will be sent to you after your online registration is complete. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you after the payment has been confirmed. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail from the Secretariat office within 1 month from the above indication, please email the Secretariat (metabolomics2014-reg @ issjp.com)

  • Please bring the print-out of the Confirmation e-mail with you to the Conference.
  • Receipt of your payment will be issued on the day of the Conference addressed to the applicant’s name as registered.
  • Early Registration fee payment by bank transfer is valid only for those who have completed the registration, along with the transfer complete by April 10, 2014 (Thu) 15:00 (Japan Time)
  • Regular Registration fee payment by bank transfer is valid only for those who have completed the registration, along with the transfer complete by May 29, 2014 15:00 (Japan Time).
  • To check and change your registration details, please refer to the Pre-Confirmation e-mail after you register.

Cancellation, Refunds

If you decide to cancel the registration, please inform the Secretariat (metabolomics2014-reg @ issjp.com) in writing, via e-mail or FAX. We basically do not refund after payment.

Terms and Conditions

Before you proceed with your registration, please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

Handling Personal Information

To ensure the smooth running of the Metabolomics 2014, the collection, storage, management, and processing of all personal information related to Metabolomics 2014 shall be handled by ISS, INC. Convention Group (“the Management Company”) named below under contract with Metabolomics 2014 Local Organizers with regard to the protection of personal information. Please contact the Management Company with regard to the disclosure, erasure, or amendment of the personal information of applicants collected for Metabolomics 2014. Contact Address for the Management Company.

ISS, INC. Convention Group
ISS, INC. Convention Group Mita
MT Bldg. 8F, 3-13-12 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0073
E-mail: metabolomics2014-reg @ issjp.com

Terms of Online Use

Handling of Personal Information of the Metabolomics 2014 Applicants. ISS, INC. shall handle registration information for Metabolomics 2014 under contract with Metabolomics 2014 Local Organizers. This contract is a very important document regarding the handling and/or use of the personal information of applicants for Metabolomics 2014; be sure to read and verify the contract detail before use.
  1. Purpose of collecting/using personal information
    ISS, INC. shall gather/use the personal identifiable information (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”) of applicants for Metabolomics 2014 for use in the processing of applications for participation in Metabolomics 2014 and/or notification of applicants of matters regarding event organization and registration procedures including sponsor advertisements.
  2. Provision of Personal Information
    Personal information shall not be provided to a third party. However, personal information may be provided to a third party in cases where any of the following applies.
    1. In the case that the person whose personal information it is approves or requests that the information be provided.
    2. In the case that there is a legally valid reason for providing the information, such as in response to enquiries from investigative authorities in accordance with the code of criminal procedure.
    3. In the case that provision of the information is necessary to protect the life, health, property, or other vital interests of the person whose personal information it is or the public.
    4. With the consent of the person whose personal information it is, personal information will be provided to a third party in the following instances as necessary to achieve our business aims.
    5. In the case of providing the credit card transactions service company for card verification, with the name, credit cards' company name, card number, expiration date etc., for the collection of conference participation fee.
  3. Outsourcing of personal information
    ISS, INC. may on occasion outsource personal information processing. In the case that personal information processing is outsourced, a contract regarding personal information protection is concluded with the contractor and appropriate management and supervision carried out.
  4. Storage and erasure of personal information
    Recorded personal information will be stored for a certain period after Metabolomics 2014. After the storage period expires, the data will be returned to The Metabolomics Society.
  5. Voluntary provision of personal information
    Recorded personal information is provided voluntarily by the applicant. However, in the case that required information is not provided, the application for participation in Metabolomics 2014 may not be accepted.
  6. Disclosure, amendment, erasure, or cessation of use of personal information
    At the request of the person whose personal information is recorded, notification of the purpose of use for the recorded information; disclosure, amendment, addition, deletion, erasure, or use of the information; and/or provision of the information to a third party will be ceased. Such requests should be made by contacting the company above.
For inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information, please contact the company above.
  • In the registration form, you will be asked your travel plan, participation to luncheon seminars and society events, and dietary conditions.
  • You can change your selection (including your travel plan) by using your login ID and password. Please make sure to use a secure password. Organizers are not liable to any damage or loss incurred by a lost or stolen password.
  • For abstract submission, you must create a different account from the submission page.

  • Agilent Technologies
  • Bruker Corporation
  • Human Metabolome Technologies
  • LECO Corporation
  • Shimadzu Corporation
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
  • Waters Corporation